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Tinea Versicolor

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Question: Tinea Versicolor? I have tinea versicolor. I noticed an outbreak and now am on my 6th day of a Lamisil (oral) and Selsun 2.5% regimen. I live in the Bahamas and I try to stay out of the sun during outbreaks so as not to exacerbate the contrast in my skin by tanning. However, I would like to know when it is safe to say that the fungus has been killed and the white spots will tan. How fast does Lamisil/Selsun 2.5% work?

Answer: if i were you i would get straight selinium, thats what i have and mine went away within 3-4 days. and i had a lot of tinea on my back last summer. you can get it from the doctor its also found in selsun blue shampoo

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