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Question: What are some ways of preventing infections in wrestling? I am a 15 year old freshman girl and i am going to join my high school's coed wrestling team next year. I know that if you wrestle you can get certain infections. 1.) I want to know what are some of the different infections. 2.) Also I want to know how I can prevent myself from getting these infections. 3.) Why do wrestlers get these infections? Thanks to anyone who can help!

Answer: good luck, wrestling is a tough sport. 1. The most common form of infection is ring worm. Then there are rare cases of herpes and impetigo. Those last two are rare. After 10 years of wrestling I knew maybe 6 total people to get either of those. 2. The best way of preventing those kinds if infections is to shower 2-3 times a day. I would shower in the morning, right after practice, and at night. ALSO check to make sure your wrestling coach is mopping the mats EVERY DAY before practice (or getting one of the wrestlers to do it). You will see more cases of these infections on unclean mats. 3. Wrestlers get these infections bc of the main reason above... not washing the mats and not washing their bodies. Basically a mat room can reach temperatures over 100 degrees, there is a lot of sweat, people are sweating on each other, and sometimes you get those certain people that dont shower too often so they can infect others. -Again I wouldnt worry about it. Ringworm goes away after a couple weeks of putting tinactin or lotrimin on it and it doesnt itch or anything. Just keep your body clean and make sure you are showering w anti-bacterial soap. Good Luck

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