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Question: Im a microbiologist; like to start my research on skin diseases. Please give me some advise for research plan I like to work on molecular bio field on skin diseases. I can get samples not a problem; but i have to prepare abstract and give my work plan, primers, probes etc. I dont know how to start, how to plan, etc. please need suggestions.

Answer: It sounds like you don't have a specific research goal, just a general field. Since research happens due to grant funding, you have to know the standard format used by the granting agency/group. I'm working with a doctoral candidate for put together a PAH research project to be funded by the EPA. So, the plan will be put in the format they use for environmental evaluations. Check out the link below and that will give you some idea of funding opportunities and some idea as to format. Rather than trying to generate your own idea, perhaps start first with answering a question posed by one of the grants. I hope this answers your question.

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