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Question: What is the best way to cure esophageal cancer? My father is suffering from esophageal cancer. The cancer has affected a nerve near his throat causing him to lose his voice. Also, it has already metastasized to two other organs. He has been treated with combined chemotherapy and radiation therapy for half a year, but his cancer shows no sign of shrinking and it's gradually growing. His doctor says he cannot surgically remove the cancer because the cancer is adjacent to nerves and important organs and such an operation will damage the adjacent areas. Isn't there any good way to cure his cancer?

Answer: As a rule, there is no cure for esophageal cancer. There is a surgical procedure that can be performed but if it has already metastasized to other organs it's probably already too advanced. Prognosis for this time of cancer is usually 5 yrs max.....but that's for strictly esophageal cancer. Depending on what other organs are involved, that time would likely be reduced. Because it effects the esophageous, eating can become very difficult so it's important for him to take supplements like Ensure to keep his strength. Most people with esophageal cancer lose a lot of weight.

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