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Pancreas Cancer

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Question: What are the chances of living with pancreas cancer? I just found out that my uncle has pancreas cancer and it had spread to his liver. They have not determined what "stage" he is in, as this news is very recent. What are the chances that he will overcome this disease and live? Right now I'm hoping for a miracle and praying real hard

Answer: Data from the ACS (American Cancer Society) indicates perhaps 1% chance of five year survival with stage IV pancreatic cancer. If the pancreatic cancer has truly spread to the liver, it is stage IV. Here's the site 5-year relative survival for pancreatic cancer Stage IA 37% Stage IB 21% Stage IIA 12% Stage IIB 6% Stage III 2% Stage IV 1% Overall, about 20% of people with pancreatic cancer live at least 1 year after diagnosis, while less than 4% will be alive after 5 years.

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