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Brain Cancer

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Question: What is the difference between metastasized brain cancer and cancer that started in the brain? My mother had lung cancer a year ago and although it has not returned, she now has a tumor in her brain the size of a dime. It is cancerous .... so what is the prognosis and what is the difference between this type of brain cancer (where it originated in the lungs) and brain cancer that originiates in the brain. Also, what is the prognosis?

Answer: Cancer originating in a particular organ for the first time is called Primary neoplasm. Metastasis is its secondary spread through blood or lymph. Prognosis really depends on histological type of the cancer but metastasis generally requires more aggressive treatment in the form of chemo & radio because it is wide-spread. My best wishes are with your mother and you as her family in the battle against this cancer.

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