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Question: gynecology? i have very bad odor more like rotten egg or very fishy smell during my last day of menses. there's not much blood it's more like brown left over blood i think. i'm not sure how to describe. i assume it's the left semen from my boyfriend that i had sex with a week before. could that be? but why does it smell so bad. i've never experience this before. the week before i had sex, i've just finished taking medication for some infection. so when i had sex, it's all clear no smell and no discharge. last week after sex, nothing happen there's no discharge or smell. only now i get it towards the end of my period. what should i do?

Answer: It sounds like you have an infection going so my suggestion is to go to the dr to find out if that is the case. I would go to your gynecologist if you have one. If not, then talk to your primary care physician.

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