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Psoriatic Arthritis

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Question: Psoriatic Arthritis? I have psoriatic arthritis and some of the areas of my affected by this is my wrists and fingers. Last night I got a horrible pain in between the pointer and middle knuckle on my left hand. It is to the point where I cant turn a doorknob or lift something as light as a phone with my left hand. It is painful to pick up my 13 month old daughter, get her dressed etc. My question is, can psoriatic arthritis affect in between your knuckles, or is something completley unrelated? Thanks in advance for all your insight!!

Answer: Sorry, I am not a rheumatologist, but if there is a joint nearby, there can be the pain from psoriatic arthritis. You should be contacting a physician, primary if you have to for insurance first, or a rheumatologist. There are new medications out, injectibles, that are wonderful medications. They help the arthritis AND psoriasis. I wish you well.

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