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Gianotti Crosti Syndrome

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Question: Is this Gianotti-Crosti Syndrome? I took my 9-month-old daughter to the doctor? because she had small bumps (resembling a heat rash) on her back, stomach, arms, legs, and a little on her face. The doctor said it was Gianotti-Crosti Syndrome. I went home to research and the more I read about it the more I thought that the diagnosis was wrong. She has the bumps mainly on her stomach and back. They are skin color and very small. They itch on her stomach only. No fever, hasn't been sick.

Answer: When in doubt, schedule her in with a specialist - dermatologist, preferably a pediatric derm. I did that for my boy to get him specialized care for his reflux, and it was the best thing I could have done. Good luck!

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