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Reactive Arthritis

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Question: Reactive arthritis? I have finally been diagnosed with reactive arthritis, although all my symptoms are of rheumatoid, including that i have slightly 3 deformed fingers. Anyhow, my specialist said its not rheumatoid which is a relief. I'm on prednisone (every other day) and neproxyn. The damage to my joints is still happening though!! Heard reactive arthritis goes away on its own but does it have any cure you can suggest? Is there anyone here with reactive arthritis? What are you doing about it? Once when someone is diagnosed with it, do they live with arthritis forever even if the symptoms are gone?

Answer: Reactive arthritis is developed in response to an infection in another part of your body-- coming into contact with bacteria and developing an infection can trigger reactive arthritis - yes - its symptoms are similar to arthritis or rheumatism but it is caused by another disease, thats why it is called "reactive" - it depends on another condition. My sister use to be a hair stylist and was exposed to lots of chemicals. This chemical environment kept her constantly in an atmosphere that was just right for the growth of Candida yeast infections that almost complete destroyed her body. Her digestive track was taken over by yeast and nothing was right with her - this triggered arthritis pains in her joints - her fingers and knees were mostly affected. To regain her life she had to first get to the root of her problem. First she had to get rid of the triggers - the yeast infections - this meant changes in diet and being very careful where she ate and what she ate. She got rid of all complex carbohydrates such as potatoes etc -- you can do your research. She drank lots of water and She used natural medications to clean up the yeast from her digestive track What was most amazing was as she began her clean up the pains in her joints began to go away. Find out if there is some other infection in your body and get to the root of it and clean it up. You might just experience some of the same results my sister did.

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