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Question: where can I get assistance getting hearing aids? I'm currently attending school full-time and working a full-time job at Walt Disney World for 7 dollars an hour. Between the tuition for school, and my other bills, and rent, I am having trouble saving enough money for new hearing aids I’m starting to need. Since hearing aids are not covered by insurance and the prices of them are sky-high, I'm afraid I will not have enough money saved to buy new hearing aids by the time I need them. I hate to ask for charity but I'm starting to be backed into a corner. Any suggestion about what I could do?

Answer: Check with the Hearing Loss Association of America (, which also has a state organization in Florida with local chapters. That's one place to look. Assuming you're in Florida (home of WDW), check with these organizations: North Florida Lions Hearing Aid Bank Lion William E. "Bill" Pace E-mail: Northeast Florida Lions Hearing Aid Bank Lion Shirley Shuler E-mail: Fax: 352-372-7915 Good luck!