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E.coli Infection

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Question: Has any one ever heard of or had a vaginal e-coli infection? I have been going through what i thought and was diagnosed with yeast infections and bacterial infections for about 8 months now. After suffering I finally had a doctor who would actually give me a vaginal culture and they found 4+ e-coli. She gave me antibiotics for it and it still remains. Has anyone ever heard of this before? If so do you have any advice in hopes get rid of it? I have also been tested for everything so that's all ruled out thank god.

Answer: E coli is normal bacteria in your bowel. That said, it is easy for the bacteria to travel to different areas down there. Make sure you are wiping front to back, and doing a thorough job. It could also be caused by a fistula, which is a small hole between the anus, in this case, and the vagina. It may take more than just oral antibiotics to get rid of it. If its still there after the antibiotics are gone, call the doctor back.

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