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Campylobacter Infection

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Question: campylobacter, vomitting etc? Hi, my 8 month old puppy was diagnosed with a campylobacter infection last week Friday. This Monday, he threw up all of his dinner in the evening. The rest of the week (Tues- this morning (Fri)) he seemed fine. Then, once again tonight (friday) he threw up all of his dinner. He is also walking around licking EVERYTHING (especially the floor). I should also mention that he was treated for tapeworm on Monday too. I'm really worried about him. He has thrown up twice in the last hour and has been licking the floor and furniture the whole time. His vet is closed, I would have to take him to an emergency vet (expensive) if necessary. I guess my question is, is it necessary to take him to an emergency vet? * other than the instances of vomit this week, he has acted 100% normal his case isn't that bad. plus he is currently on antibiotics for it.

Answer: If your puppy isn't depressed, and is willing to eat he will probably be ok to wait to the can take his temperature to make certain that he isn't spiking a fever or otherwise in distress... Be certain that you wash your hands when you are through playing with him, and pick up his messes as it is possible to transmit this to people (especially if you or anyone in your family is immunosuppressed)... Good Luck!

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