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Question: Rubella: How likely is a 'breakthrough' case in an immunised adult who is exposed to the virus? I'm 14 weeks pregnant. My toddler has just been diagnosed with a probable case of rubella, despite being immunised. We're going to get blood tests done to confirm the diagnosis. From antenatal screening I know my immunity level is good - what is the chance of me also getting a 'breakthrough' case? Links to credible sources appreciated.

Answer: If your immunity level is "good" - I assume that you had pre-natal testing - then you should be fine. Breakthrough cases occur in people who have been vaccinated but who for a number of reasons, the vaccine didn't take (i.e. titer testing showed no immunity). Basicially it is a failure of the body to fight off the vaccine and learn how to make antibodies; you however, show evidence that your body has antibodies. I would let your OBGYN know that your child has rubella. He will probably have some other instructions for you while pregnant.

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