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Yellow Fever

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Question: Where is the yellow fever vaccination injected? Hey all. I just wanted to know where the yellow fever vaccination is injected. I don't have a problem with needles or anything I've just watched the bit of Pearl Harbour where all the soldiers get their yellow fever injected and the had to bend over and get it injected around the bum area! Just curious to know from people who have been vaccinated in the past because I've got to have mine when I go to Kenya next year. Thanks a lot.

Answer: Hi, yes I think I have had Stamaril (yellow fever vaccine) in the past. It's given subcutaneously ( layer of fat between the skin and the muscle) into either the outer surface of the upper arm buttocks, top of thighs or abdomen. You can request where. You need to have it at last 10 days before you go to Kenya. Have fun, I love Africa.

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