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Question: Tuberculosis screening for volunteer work at a hospital? I'm going to volunteer at a hospital and tomorrow I'm going because they need a blood test for tuberculosis screening. What's the point of that? Don't you kind of know when you have tuberculosis...? And do they just test for tuberculosis or do they use the blood for other diseases/drug test?

Answer: You can be a carrier of TB and never have had symptoms. All hospital personnel have to get TB tests to be sure you're not going to pass it on to patients. It's really no big deal. The nurse will inject a small amount of liquid just barely under your skin so that it creates a little bubble, then you go back in 48 hours to have them look at it. If it turns red and has bumps then you likely have been exposed, which is not what you want. If there isn't any reaction, then you're good to go. They don't actually take blood from you so no, they can't test for drugs or other diseases. Hope that helps!

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