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Venous Lakes

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Question: Does anyone know anything about Venous Lakes seen on Ultrasound? I am 34 weeks pregnant and have been told I need to have another ultrasound as the midwife saw "several Venous Lakes" in the placenta. I was told that there is a chance I could bleed out. Has anyone had any experience with Venous Lakes & do I have anything to worry about?

Answer: I see these from time to time. At each link, you can get more information: "Placental lakes are considered to be a normal finding in most cases."… This site says venous lakes are seen quite often:… Occasionally, large and numerous venous lakes are seen when there is a placenta accreta. This means the placenta is abnormally firmly attached to the uterus. After delivery, it can be hard to stop the bleeding that occurs when the placenta separates from the uterine wall. BUT, a placenta can have venous lakes, and not have placenta accreta. "Three sonographic signs were found to predict placenta accreta: concomitant placenta previa; large or numerous placental venous "lakes"; and a remarkably thin, or even nonvisualized, lower uterine segment."… Best wishes and try to relax. Your venous lakes are more than likely just a normal variant!

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