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Childhood HIV Disease

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Question: I have a huge irrational fear of being HIV positive. Can anyone give me some feedback? I'm not sure why I have this fear, but I've been extremely afraid of the disease since childhood. I also had a family member die with AIDS. So, i recently found out i'm pregnant with my second child and it's time to go test. The first time around I went nuts waiting for the results to come in. They were negative. This was six years ago and since then I've had one different partner, who is also the father of the child I am currently carrying. His ex-wife tested negative a couple of years ago when she was pregnant with their child. Since then, I've been his only partner. What is the likely hood that I could be infected and what is this I'm reading about pregnancy causing false positive HIV results? Now that has me worried. Does anyone know why pregnancy would cause a false positive? I'm not crazy. This is probably the only thing I'm a nut about. Thanks.

Answer: It's very unlikely that you are HIV positive-unless you've been sharing needles! relax- even (worst case scenario) if you were,there's nothing that you could do, and ther's only a 15% chance that you could transmit it to your baby. If you were, it's better to find out early-to take meds-But I'd bet you're NOT

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