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Sleep Disorders

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Question: Sleep Disorders? Im doing a presentation on sleep disorders & I wanted to get as much info as possible from anyone.

Answer: I had major sleep problems about 10 years ago. I actually was diagnosed with narcolepsy and underwent a sleep study. The best information on falling asleep that I found was to establish a bed time routine. Like training Pavlov's dog by feeding him when a bell rang, you train your body that when you start your routine, it knows it's getting time to fall asleep. On sleep disorders, this is one that I never knew about until it happened to me. When I hadn't slept and the sudden urge to sleep would come over me, I would fall into a chair and immediately be asleep (narcolepsy). Unfortunately, I would wake up almost right away - at least my mind would wake up. Apparently, when you enter a dream state, your body is paralyzed from the neck down. It would take about 5-10 minutes before I would be able to move again after awakening. One other personal note, although I haven't found this in any literature: when I underwent the sleep study, they found that I woke up when my blood oxygen was low. Usually, I do wake up with a stuffy nose. When I clear my nose and do some deep breathing, I can often fall back to sleep again. Not sure why, but it seems to help me. Good luck with your presentation.

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