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Question: Can my strange dreams be related to the start of menopause? I think I maybe be starting menopause. I do have an appointment with my gyno. But I have been having some really strange dreams lately. They are really effecting my sleep. I don't know why else I would be having these dreams. Has anyone else experienced this at the onset of menopause?

Answer: Quite possibly, yes. I find that I have very strange dreams in the couple of days before my period, so I guess maybe there is some connection between hormone levels and weird dreams! The other thing I've heard is that when your body temperature is higher than usual, you don't sleep as deeply, and so you're more likely to remember your dreams. I don't know much about the menopause, but I know one of the symptoms is hot flushes, so it could be that your night time body temperature is a little higher than usual. So maybe your dreams are always that weird and you don't usually remember them!

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