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Dysthymic Disorder

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Question: What's the difference between clinical depression and dysthymic disorder? I know clinical depression is more serious, but lasts shorter, while Dysthymic disorder [or dysthymia] is chronic and less severe. But, is there another difference in between them? Like, what types of things would cause dysthymia and clinical depression? Is it a chemical imbalance or something like that? Or does it just develop? I just want to understand what I have to deal with better. =/

Answer: Life changing events can cause either. Often in a life changing event it takes six months to settle into the change. If not an adjustment disorder occurs which can lead to clinical depression. Depression is not a simple topic as it can be organic, or caused by life stressors. (Reactive). Dysthemia is just a general feeling of being down, whereas depression is acute and has sometimes debilitating symptoms. Both can be organic (chemical) both can be due to life events.

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