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Narcissist Personality Disorder

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Question: Is there anyone have, or had relationship or involved with Narcissist Personality Disorder? Please tell me in details as much as you can, if you have children with him/her..what it's like?...I have been reading a lots of articles about NPD and other Personalities Disorder, but I think the real story will help me understand it better.*I am also pregnant 18 weeks with NPD(I assumed he is)..He still doesn't care and his words and behavior is absolutely abnormal for a man who is becoming a father. You could give me any advices what should I do. Thank you so much for your serious answer. :-) If you want to blame me that I am a stupid girl I don't mind, the reason that I asked you to give me of the real story is because I have never living with this Narcissist guy , I now believed that he lied to me that he got deported 3 yrs from the tax man in UK.Then later on he told me that he was in Open prision for 1 year, I didn't see him 6 months, 9 months, but because I truely love him and I adore love, I was believe in love...we mostly contact each other by e-mails but actually was me that keep sending him 1,000 e-mails because I wanted to show him how much I love him, how much I am committed and serious with our relationship AS His excuse was because he doesn't trust internet dating, which he know me from there*Now he has his profile on looking for girls inspite of he knows that I am pregnant. *I really need to make a dicision that shall I stay where I am or move and never see him ever again.

Answer: there are also people who suffer reverse narcissistic personality disorder and all i can say is get psychiatric help my friend

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