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Schizophreniform Disorder

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Question: i am scared of my schizophreniform disorder? i had schizophreniform disorder about 6 months ago.i had hallucinations and didn't even realise i was sick.fortunately my family noticed and got me was just so horrible and i'm scared i become sick again. what should i do?

Answer: i have it too sweetie and i was diagnosed later on because i was adopted. it took a long time to get the right med's combination, but i am now 42 a mother and a grandmother and living a full and happy life. sure there are bad time's but that's all part of it. having a supportive family is a huge bonus for you. face it, learn about it arm yourself with knowledge about it. the more info we have with this illness the better we can deal with it and have a good life. it's not a easy road but the journey is worth it. if the med's are not the right ones keep trying until you do get them. live your life not in fear of what might happen. but knowing how to deal with it if it doe's happen best of luck to you smile's jamie

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