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Question: What is the difference between intuition and paranoia? Are they related? I have very finely tuned intuitive responses and my intuition usually serves me well, in that I make a fair few decisions based on what my gut instinct is telling me without any real hard evidence, and later my decisions are substantiated by the outcomes. But sometimes it would appear that some people believe their intuition is telling them something when the reality is much, much different. Like for example, the jealous spouse who imagines his partner is cheating with no evidence whatsoever to back it up and the partner isn't cheating? So where is the line crossed and when does intuition become paranoia?

Answer: Without getting too much into the sciences or assumptions of the two. Intuition is a natural response to something without any bias ie you are not reacting to a situation based on what you know about a person purely on a gut feeling. Paranoia on the other hand is when you imagine things or responses based on what you think you know about a person e.g she is likely to do that because that is what she is like. Paranoia is more than simply allowing your prejudices cloud your judgment, it is obsessively and detrimentally allowing that to happen. Is there a link between the two? Yes quite possibly in the early stages of paranoia a person might believe they intuitively know a person as a basis for their paranoia. However where it becomes something more is when that person refuses to have any kind of rationality to their feelings and (often) isn't even aware that they are allowing their emotional judgment of the person to cloud their judgment and responses.

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