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Question: suicide....? I am doing research for a suicidology assignment. The main subject of my project is..why is suicide so hard to this is where i need y!a users help. If you have known anyone that committed suicide, did you notice that they go through a state of euphoric happiness before they died (almost as if they were couldn't wait for their pain to end etc.) if any of you could elaborate on that i would be so grateful. I appreciate all answer, thanks in advance

Answer: I was thinking about this in regards to myself.When I got the closest to suicide that I have ever been and crossed the line of thinking about and actually acting strongly on the thoughts and then deciding to do it. I did have a sense of tying up loose ends like I didnt want to have a messy house or clutter to be left to be cleaned up by others. To help with the pressure I was under I had given myself permission to keep going and going and if one last thing just was the absolute final straw I decided I would need to be ready. So my main noticable obsession was getting my environment ready and uncluttering my life. No euphoria just a kind of sense of calmness and sorting and tidying and preparing. When you do ask for help in a big crisis you deal with so many passing through medical people and therapists etc so you have bits of help and promises from one place and then a little bit somewhere else. Its generally with the best of intentions but there is only so much that they can do. When you see them hitting the wall of their reserves you think well if you cant do anything and Im asking you for help because I cant do anything then who can. Then the answer feels like no one. The help to prevent it is just a distracting noise in the background whilst you and you alone think your thoughts and do it or dont do it. All the time I was looking for little hooks and loop holes to give me reason to do it or not to do it. I think that means there might always be a little loop hole or a little light spot somewhere within the cycles of the blackness of it that means it is possible to help someone prevent themselves doing it. Ideally if someone can stay by your side and be strong and help you through it all and connect up all your worlds - therapy and home and physical health etc then maybe it is preventable. Not being treated as a patient but as a thinking person might help as well because then you dont go into a mode of having no voice about your own state and then you begin to diffuse the responsities for your own actions to others because the strongest part of you is being ignored and devalued.

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