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Drug Induced Hemolysis

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Question: Beta-Interferon and Drug-Induced Hemolytic Anemia Do any of the medical people maybe know if there is a link between the two? I have a theory that the immunomodulatory action of the interferon could result in altered hemoglobin levels; even premature hemolysis of erythrocytes. Thank you both for your replies. I appreciate that you would take the time to help me out.

Answer: Yes, that's a good theory. But it has been shown in a recent French study that forty per-cent of people suffering MS have malabsorption problem's where bee-twelve is concerned, including a lack of intestinal bacteria, required for expediting the absorption process. May I ask why you are addressing a possible link between anemia and interferon? If the subject in question that you're building the hypothesis for is suffering MS, then they may already be presenting with anemia caused by malabsorption. Thus, addressing another causative agent for the anemia may not only be a confounding of variables- it may well be a moot point. The predisposition toward malabsorption disorder in MS patients is clearly seen. It may help you untangle variables. Well, it will when I find the right link. I'll post an edit. Sorry about spelling out the numbers. Breather message won't let me post. Try this site:…

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