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Factor VIII

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Question: Factor VIII? What is a normal Factor VIII level? I have Von Willebrands disease, and my level is normally around 50% but now it's gone down to about 30%. Is this cause for concern? My hematologist is going to repeat my blood work, but not until next month.

Answer: Patients with vWD normally require no regular treatment, although they are always at increased risk for bleeding. Prophylactic treatment is sometimes given for patients with vWD who are scheduled for surgery. They can be treated with human derived factor VIII with vWF(antihemophilic factor, more commonly known as Humate-P®) Mild cases of vWD can be trialled on desmopressin ( Stimate®), which works by raising the patient's own plasma levels of vWF by inducing release of vWF stored Normal results vary between labs, but in general, a result between 50% and 200% is considered normal. plus u do vwf factor level..they work together to stop bleeding........ Expectations Women who have this condition generally do not experience excessive bleeding during childbirth. Since this disease is inherited, genetic counseling may be recommended for parents. Complications Post-operative hemorrhage (bleeding) may occur. If you have von Willebrand disease, do not take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin or ibuprofen without talking to your health care provider. Calling your health care provider Call your health care provider if bleeding occurs without reason. If you have von Willebrand disease and are scheduled for surgery or are in an accident, be sure you or your family notify the health care providers about your condition. so i think ur condition needs further tests or u dont know whether vwf was done....the only problem u may have is excess bleeding.....which is mild in vwf disease

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