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Lymphoma Mediastinal

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Question: What could cause mediastinal lymph node swelling besides lymphoma or sarcoidosis? I've had chest pain on left side for a few months. They thought it was just pleurisy, but it hasn't cleared. Just had a biopsy of nodes done which is negative for cancer, and sounds like they aren't thinking it's sarcoidosis either. Still have the pleurisy in left lung along with node swelling.

Answer: In general, lymph nodes can be swollen due to infection, inflammation, or cancer. It is good that the biopsy was negative for cancer. The mediastinal lymph nodes could reflect a problem (such as an infection or inflammation) in the lungs, heart, thymus, esophagus, or their surrounding tissues. If you already know you have pleurisy, then that seems like the most obvious choice. I believe that certain infectious agents are more likely than others to cause swelling of the lymph nodes, such as TB or fungi. Take a look at the second source below, which has a lot more detail than what I've outlined, and see if anything else there seems to fit your situation. Good luck, and I hope you feel better soon.

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