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Polymorphous Light Eruption

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Question: Is there a solution to Polymorphous light eruption? I have Polymorphous light eruption sun allergy, and i've been taking tenovate. My allergy keeps coming back in spring and summer. The creams and sun lotions are only subsiding. Is there a solution to get rid of this allergy permenatly?

Answer: Spring and summer are the prime times for this to occur. According to the Mayo Clinic gradually increasing sun exposure times in the spring and avoiding intense sun exposure year round is the best way to treat and prevent polymorphous light eruption. Generally it goes away within 7 to 10 days if you stay out of the sun. If it starts in the spring, each exposure should decrease your light sensitivity so that the eruptions typically stop by the end of the summer. The inflammation may return the following spring, however, after new exposures to sunlight. Happens to me every year. I live in a sunny locale year-around, but the sun is not so strong in the winter and I go through it every spring. Dr. Schienfeld wrote an interesting article about this last May. I will send you a link

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