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Question: Phenylketonuria? My son has pku (phenylketonuria) if you, a friend or family member has this, how do you (or they) feel about having it. what bumbs in the road have you hit by having pku?. I'd like an idea to what my son may face one day. he is on his diet, what social problems may he face with his peers etc

Answer: My six year old daughter has PKU. She knows that she is only allowed certain foods. Where we live (Eugene, Oregon) there are many different diets anyway. There are people who are vegans, vegetarians, etc. This makes it a bit easier for her to have her diet without too much fuss. Sometimes kids want to share food with her, but she knows that if there are nuts or peanut butter in it that she cannot eat it. The same with meat. For the most part, she has not experienced adverse social effects from her diet. Mainly, kids are curious and ask her questions. We have taught her that God made her this way, and that He has His reasons. She has accepted her condition, and is healthy and well-liked at school.

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