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Granuloma Annulare

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Question: granuloma annulare? during the year 1979 on my right elbow, right wrist, right knee, left ankle and on my left side rib area some marks had appeared. all tests for leprosy were negative. so done biopsy. it was diagnosed as granuloma annulare. these marks had no sensation. now after about 27 years, for the last one year, i feel numbness (rigidness) on my fingers, while getting up in the moring after night sleep. within a minute they become normal when i rub the fingers. what caused this? is this anyway connected to any other disease like leprosy? i am very eager to get a reply for this enquiry. after diagmnosing granuloma annulare, local injections were taken on the infected areas. after that i did go for any treatment as per docotor's advice. he said two things: (1) good thing- nothing to worry. it will not cause any health problme. (2) bad thing - these marks will not disappear. is there any comsetic treatment? i look forward for a kind reply. simple

Answer: You can buy tanning cream and/or a "cover" for skin discoloration in the makeup department of drug store but I don't have much experience in that department. I wish I could be more help, but wish you the best of luck. Treatment: Because granuloma annulare is usually asymptomatic (causes no symptoms), treatment may not be necessary except for cosmetic reasons. Very strong topical steroid creams or ointments are sometimes used to speed the disappearance of the lesions. Injections of steroids directly into the rings may also be effective. Some physicians may choose to freeze the lesions with liquid nitrogen. In severe cases, ultraviolet light therapy (PUVA) or oral medications may be needed. Expectations (prognosis): Most lesions of granuloma annulare disappear with no treatment within two years. Sometimes, however, the rings can remain for many years. The appearance of new rings years later is not uncommon. Update Date: 7/27/2006 (This is from Medline Plus, below.)

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