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Separation Anxiety Disorder

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Question: How do I overcome my Separation Anxiety Disorder? Symptoms: # Recurring distress when separated from the subject of attachment (such as the mother or home) # Persistent, excessive worrying about losing the subject of attachment # Persistent, excessive worrying that some event will lead to separation from a major attachment # Excessive fear about being alone without subject of attachment I experience all of these symptoms. I have had these problems my whole life. My mother used to be the object of this anxiety, but recently that has switched to my girlfriend (who I love more than anything and care very much about) being the subject of my worry. What are some good treatment methods that could help me to not feel so crappy everytime the anxiety comes on?

Answer: Some therapy techniques you could try (preferably with a registered counsellor/psychologist/therapist) are: -cognitive therapy (to address any possible irrational beliefs-- see Albert Ellis' ABC method) -cognitive-behavioural approaches such as William Glasser's Reality Therapy (addresses the disjunct between your ideal reality and your perceived reality, and empowers you to take control of your thoughts and behaviours) -general behavioural therapies to help you take steps to overcome your anxiety Good luck!

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