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Alcohol Related Psychosis

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Question: Alcohol related psychosis/blackout? OK the other night something weird happened to me thats never happened before Im down seeing my mate in Bath (England) and I was flying out early on saturday morning, so didnt sleep Friday night, but did have quite a few drinks and a few pro plus. On Saturday afternoon in Bath, I was sitting in my mates car having a few beers and waiting for him to come out of work, and the last thing I remember is feeling really paranoid because somebody (I thought) had stolen all my stuff, and frantically searching around his car finding my stuff, and lining them up on the dashboard, then I blacked out and apparently I did loads of **** that I just dont remember. Next thing I do remember is lieing in the back seat of his car and waking up when a policeman knocked on the window to see if I was OK. It was seriously messed up and I was wondering if anyone has any more info on this Cheers

Answer: It's alcohol poisoning. You drank way too much.

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