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Question: Bulimia.................................. I have had bulimia for over a year now and I really want to tell my mom because i want to get better. I was planning to write a letter to her, but whenever I try to write it, i just can't form the words together. can you please help me come up with something that I can tell her. thank you so much.

Answer: when i was bulimic i asked my mom to take me to a therapist. i went and told my therapist, i asked him to tell my mom which he did, we cried and went home and she didnt do anything basically becuse she didnt know much about it. i myself got better by reading self help books and knowing how to control my will power, when you want to stop you will know it because you will be sick and tired of making ur self sick and tired. while puking food your mom bought with her hard earned money or you. you have to remmeber your body needs your mind to get in control. jjust please. its not that hard. believe ive been bulimic for a while and stopped when i realized i can

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