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Question: How to tell difference between Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism without going to the Doctors? I dont have Medical insurance at this time, so going to the Doctor isnt an option. I could buy Thyroid medication online, but I dont know if I have Hypo or Hyperthyroidism. So my question is: How do you tell the significance between the two?

Answer: THYROID AND PARATHYROID GLANDS: Under-working leads to rickets, convulsions, teeth problems, twisting of muscles, fatness and dullness. Overworking leads to over-growth, bulging of the eyes. Adam’s apple, stone[s] in kidneys etc. Mistaken diagnosis may lead to confused symptoms due to wrong medication. The best way is to go in for acupressure techniques to regulate the functioning of thyroid glands. Herbal remedies and tissue salt remedies have time tested formulae. With best compliments from

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