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Hypercholesterolemia Polygenic

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Question: Help with multiple choice genetics problems please? 1. In a certain plant, the alleles A, B, and C are dominant to the alleles a, b, and c. A plant with the genotype AABbcc will have the same phenotype as the plant with the genotype _____. aabbcc AaBBcc AAbbcc AABBCc none of the above 2. Which of the following matings can never produce a child with blood type O? The letters refer to blood types (phenotypes)? O x AB A x B A x O O x O A x A 3. Hairlines are inherited in a simple Mendelian fashion, with “H” the allele for a normal hairline and “h” for a widow’s peak. Chin shape is also Mendelian, with “C” the allele for a normal chin and “c” for a receding chin. If a man who is heterozygous for both traits marries a woman who is also heterozygous for both traits, and they have 16 children, how many of their kids will have a widow’s peak AND a receding chin? 9 1 4 3 8 4. A person with AB blood illustrates the principle of codominance incomplete dominance blending inheritance polygenic inheritance pleiotropy 5. The allele for normal cholesterol levels is incompletely dominant over the allele that leads to hypercholesterolemia. If a homozygous recessive individual marries a person who is heterozygous, what will be the phenotypic distribution in their offspring? 50% slightly elevated cholesterol; 50% severely elevated cholesterol 50% slightly elevated cholesterol; 25% severely elevated cholesterol; 25% normal cholesterol 75% normal cholesterol; 25% severely elevated cholesterol 100% slightly elevated cholesterol 100% normal cholesterol 6. A woman with type O blood marries a man with type AB blood. The chance that their first child will have blood type A is _____%. 0% 100% 50% 25% 75% 7. A woman heterozygous for blood type B is expecting a child. Her husband is type A. Her mother-in-law is type B. What are the chances that their baby will have type AB? 0% 75% 25% 50% 100% 8. Sometimes one gene pair will interact so as to control the expression of a second gene pair in an interaction called dominance. gene regulation. recessiveness. pleiotropy. epistasis. 9. ABO blood group expression is an example of epistasis. dominance. recessiveness. multiple alleles. pleiotropy. 10. If a female was a carrier for sex-linked color blindness, what percentage of her male children would also be color blind? 0% 25% 50% 100% 11.Which of the following statements about calico cats is false? Calico cats can be male or female. The different colored fur is due to the inactivation of one X chromosome. The variation in coat color is an example of an epistatic interaction. Calico cats are genetic mosaics. 12. A person who has lost a large amount of blood but is still alive is found in a wrecked automobile under a highway bridge. Several people are helping the paramedics load the victim into the ambulance. After the ambulance has departed for the hospital, you overhear the following conversation from the persons who helped the paramedics. "I am certain that when that guy gets to the hospital, they will transfuse him with any blood that they have in the blood bank since he has lost so much blood." The other person says, "Yeah, I bet you're right!" Having had a biology course, you know which blood could be safely given to anyone. Select it below. A B AB O 13. Irene and William are having their first child. Irene knows her blood type is A, but William does not know his blood type. However, William knows that his mother and father were B. Their first child is a boy named Gregory. Gregory has type O blood. Of course, Irene and William do not understand how this happened. You could explain this to them using which of the following choices? (1/2 point extra credit) Irene's genotype is AA, and William's genotype is OO; thus, Gregory expresses the phenotype of O. Irene's genotype is AO, and William's genotype is BO; thus, Gregory expresses the phenotype of O. Because his parents were both type B, William could not be the father of Gregory. Gregory's blood type will need to be checked after his first month of life if the parents want to know his blood type. It takes about a month for the blood type to develop in a newborn child. Since Irene is type A, there had to be a mix-up in the lab report. Gregory should have been type A.

Answer: 1) AaBBcc 2) O x AB 3) 1 4) codominance 5) 50% slightly elevated cholesterol; 50% severely elevated cholesterol 6) 50% 7) 25% 8) epistasis. 9) multiple alleles. 10) 50% 11) Calico cats are genetic mosaics. 12) O 13) Irene's genotype is AO, and William's genotype is BO; thus, Gregory expresses the phenotype of O. Edit: Calico's can be male, if they are XXY males. So technically, they can be male or female. They are not genetic mosaics. A mosaic means that some cells of the body have a different genotype than other cells, and this is not true in Calicos. So the first answer, "They can be male or female" is TRUE. The last answer "They are genetic mosaics" is absolutely FALSE.

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