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Glucose Intolerance

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Question: Glucose intolerance? I am needing advice on what direction to go with my Dr. I have considered finding someone new but am not sure if I'm over reacting. Up until the past few years I have been relatively healthy, very seldom even getting a cold. I know I am getting older (44) but am not satisfied with that being the reason alone. About 2 years ago I became extremely ill. My whole upper abdomen swelled, ran a 104 degree temp for almost 2 wks, lethargic, sudden 15 lb weight loss...this all lasted about 2 months. I had numerous tests run, one test would then lead to another. The final result was inconclusive. What I did know was that my liver, pancreas, and spleen were swollen. Dr. final word was that possible I had pancreatitis due to a gallstone that stones were seen! I got better, regained weight, but have never felt completely okay. Dr. has sent me twice in the past yr or so for blood work revealing glucose intolerance. Neither time was an official fasting glucose test, although I do recall.. only having coffee. He's only advice "watch your sugar intake" no more info has been given to me. I feel run down constantly, have quickly dropped 15 lbs without diet change and can't regain it. I wear glasses but am experiencing uneven, inconsistent blurry vision. 2 uti in past year...unusual for me, frequent infections...inner ear, sinus, minor stuff but more than normal. I don't fit the norm family history, causation 44 yr old female, normal blood pressure, normal weight if not slightly under(not counting now), off and on thirst and urination frequency...baffled. In addition to this stuff I have experience great amts of stress in the past year and being treated for it...but I wonder if my health is being overlooked because it is being blamed on stress...suggestions, advice, guidance?? I hate to no trust my Dr but I just don't feel right. Have eye appt on Monday...can he help at all with this? What do I tell him? Sorry so long winded...just frustrated. he has done 2 blood tests...but not even an accurate fasting one. I can't remember the # but he said I was glucose intolerant...which could lead to diabetes.

Answer: The best advise is to check your fasting blood sugar. Its a simple test which will tell you whether you are diabetic or not. If you are not satisfied with your doctor change it and see some endocronologist or a diabetolodist these people are special skills in treating the people with impared glucose tolerance also called borderline diabetes. For more information on glucose intoleranace visist my free site Hope that you will find it helpful

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