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Goiter Toxic Nodular

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Question: I have a thyroid goiter and want to shrink it, anyone have any advice? I have had a MRI for a unrelated car accident and it showed that I had a chronic 2.3 cm round mass lesion within the left lobe of my thyroid gland. I took a blood test and my T3,T4 and TSH levels were within normal range. I then had an ultrasound and it said I have a toxic nodular goiter. The left lobe of the thriod is enlarged measuring 4.8x1.4x1cm. The isthrnmus is within normal limits. Normal homogeneous symmetric pattern to the thyroid parenchyma. Heterogenous complex nodule involing most of the left lobe 4x2.2x2.6cm. Both cystic and solid components with color doppler flow in it. The doctor wants me to have the uptake test and needle biopsy. From there no matter what the results, 3 different doctirs told me to just take it out in case it develops into something down the road. I have no other signs or symptoms beside some weight gain from my thyroid issue. I don't want surgery unless i have cancer and I would rather stop at this point but the next two tests are being presented as a must based on the size. What do you think about the tests and surgery based on this information and is there anything that would shrink it. Thanks.

Answer: It's interesting that you're gaining weight with a toxic goiter. Also interesting that TSH is normal, since toxic nodules put out excess hormone and depress TSH. That usually causes weight loss, but sometimes weight gain. I believe you could have radioactive iodine to inactivate your thyroid if you don't want to have surgery? However, that would cause you to be on hormone replacement indefinitely. I'd follow any advice from your doctors, especially if they seem worried about the nodule. Hope you feel better soon!

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