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Question: What is the best diabetes supplements in the market ? I try to control my diet and do moderate exercise every alternate days for about 20 minutes. It is difficult to manage my diabetes, friends say having diabetes supplement is another way. Any suggestions.

Answer: My husband, Richard is a type 2 for the past 15 years. Due to his high BG and high blood pressure. The main concern is Bg which is at 200. After much pursuasion, I ask him to quit his highly stressful job as a hotelier. I help monitor his his diet, low carb, moderate exercise in the garden and reduce stress. It does not reduce his BG. Our friend, Joey suggested us to try as supplement, Dbethics which has helped many to reduce their BG. I was not interested but later decided to try. After about 10 days my BG drop to 105 and I went to see my endocrynologist who advised me to reduce my insulin by 5 units in the morning and another 5 units in the evening. After 2 months I did my HBA1C tests and was amazed that it has drop by 3 points. My doctor is equally surprised and has requested me to continue to monitor my Bg closely. Hope it can help you.

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