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Question: What are my options if I have a prolactinoma that is cabergoline resistant at 2mg per week? I have a macro prolactinoma. It measures 1.4cm by 1cm. It is interfering with my testosterone production and causing hyperprolactinomia. My prolactin levels are over 450ng/ml. Do I have any other options other than surgery?

Answer: As you are probably aware your cabergoline can be titrated up to 4.5mg per week, if you can tolerate this, you don't mention if any side effects already experienced. Your Physician may consider the possibility of Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Surgery may well have be attempted if medical interventions are not sufficient to reduce the tumour size and reduce serum prolactin. Stress reduction also has a part to play, regular exercise, if you are able, is effective at reducing this. Good luck to you, all the best

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