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Avascular Necrosis

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Question: How do I find out if my husband has avascular necrosis? We live in Florida and we have no insurance, he was previously diagnosed by some uncaring big dollar fat cat doctor as having unitary sacrelitis of the hips (which does not exist) after researching I found a disease that matches many of his symptoms, He cannot get out of bed most mornings, he has great difficulty getting around most days, he is 24 and has to walk with a cane, Avascular necrosis is a disesae in wich the blood supply is lost to the bones and the bones eventually die, but how can I find out if this is his issue? Someone please help, if you know anyone with this disease or have any info, please relay any help over to me, thank you.

Answer: Since you have no insurance, I would start at the closest county facility to save $. A plain xray of the hip might show radiographic findings suggestive of AVN; he will probably need further testing but that is a cheaper way to start. Also, if you go to a larger medical facility they will be able to get consultations with an orthopedic specialist easier. Since this is not technically an emergency,save yourself the hefty ER fee & try to get into an urgent care or clinic at the facility. Try not to put it off as the damage is cumulative.

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