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Regional Pain Syndrome

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Question: My partner suffers from Complex regional Pain Syndrome can it spread? It started in his hand and he gets burning pains shooting up his arm and he feels like he has sun burn. Does anyone know if it can spread because he now suffers with his shoulders and back. His other hand twitches and he keeps dropping things. He gets irritations in his legs and has now started to get pain in his feet his pain symptoms are becomming worse even though he is on medication. Can it Spread all over the body? It would be great to hear from others who know about the condition or have the condition Thanx

Answer: There are really four stages to this problem. The middle stage is broken into two parts, type 1 and type 2. The overall classification is in three stages. The first is reversible and the easiest to handle. The next stage is the one that is broken into the two stages. If the first part is not treated the advancement goes onto the later stage and that is difficult to reverse. The last stage is the worst and very difficult to manage. The use of medication is effective during the first stage. After this time becomes a factor. The longer you wait the worse the odds become. The disease is and can become progressive. Again you want to treat it do now but go to a center in a large medical school. There they will no doubtedly would have a person that specifically works with that disease. Not to say that a local community doctor isn't up on what is the latest material but the doctors at the large medical schools are up on these things.

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