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Rheumatic Fever

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Question: Can my 4 mo old son get rheumatic fever or the faringites that originates it from me? Apparently, I have now rheumatic fever caused by a recent strep throat. How dangerous is it for my 4 month old son since most of the info online says that this disease develops more easily in kids between 3-15 years old? I am now using a mouth mask but I just started using after 2 mo I had the throat infection. Should I take any measures to make sure he is fine?

Answer: Infants rarely pick up strep, but it isn't unheard of. Have your son's ped do a strep culture on him, to put your mind at ease. They can also do a small blood test to determine if he is fighting anything off, if you think he might be getting it. Watch him for fever, abnormal fatigue, vomiting (more than regular spitting up), rash, or a change in voice. His ped might put him on antibiotics as a prophylactic (pro-fil-ack-tick) measure to prevent him from getting it. Discuss the pro's and con's with him. If you are being careful enough to wear a mask, I assume you are also making sure to wash your hands frequently and well, as well as your sons? ;) I thought so! Hope you are feeling better soon - and all remains well with your son!

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