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Phobic Disorders

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Question: Advice on anxiety /phobic disorders? I developed an anxiety/phobic disorder a year & a half ago. Had counselling for 16 wks & medication for panic attacks. I found that CBT improved the situation but hasn't resolved it. I am now seeking long term counselling to continue making progress and have also read several books on counselling and am studying psychology at university. I'm still nowhere near back to being my normal self although I am able to function a bit better day to day. It's very scary and my life is extremely limited. Has anyone else had a similar experience and if so have you fully recovered or is this something that I will have to 'manage' for the rest of my life? If you have had a similar experience, you have my sympathy and I wish you luck in trying to combat it.

Answer: I completely sympathise with your situation. I suffer from anxiety and panic from a sexual assault last year. It makes you feel very isolated and scared, and you are forever craving 'normality' back into your life. I draw a lot of optimism and encouragement from the positive spin you have put on your experiences and how you are getting on with your life. I too have had the counselling and medication and the next step for me is the CBT. Sorry I haven't been able to answer your question as such, but thank you for sharing your experiences for me to relate to. I wish you every success with your recovery x

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