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Cannabis Compound Abuse

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Question: DID JESUS REALLY GET HIGH? I have recently come across several somewhat contreversial articals stating that jesus and his deciples would often anoint themselves and others with kaneh bosem ( to be closer to god ), an extremely potent cannabis axtract that has the ability to (in large enough quantaties) create an altered state of mind much stronger than that of smoking herbal cannabis alone... not only are these statements being made by reputable members of intelectual and releigous society but there seems to be quite a large amount of evidence to verify them. Slovakian linguist identified the plant known as "fragrant cane" in the English Bible as flowering cannabis, a link since accepted by some religious authorities "There can be little doubt about a role for cannabis in Judaic religion," Carl Ruck, professor of classical mythology at Boston University said. and a slightly biased statment made by chris bennet "If cannabis was one of the main ingredients of the ancient anointing oil and receiving this oil is what made Jesus the Christ and his followers Christians, then persecuting those who use cannabis could be considered anti-Christ," there are also several articals sugesting that he may have been introduced to peruvian cactus containing the psychedelic compound mescaline but I have yet to fing any real evidence. any thoughts PLEASE ONLY OPINIONS, NO ABUSE!

Answer: The only drug that Jesus consumed was wine, and he still didn't drink to get drunk. Although the Beast will lead many to consume mind altering drugs.

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