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Question: Homosexuality ? I request you all to comment on the following idea. Everyone born on this world as homosexuals. Because they know about their body parts very well than the opposite sex and they know which parts are pleasurable ones. When reaching teen age they come to know that positive is attracted by negative. And the curiosity leads them to watch the adult videos. They understand that sex with the opposite sex is important to give birth to a child. And due to the social responsibilities they shape themselves as a straight guy or girl. And they become straight. Those who always question the traditional things give impedence to the change in the sexual behaviour. After this some act like they are straight and some declare themselves as homosexuals. How many of you agree to this theory? If you don't agree with this please provide explaination. Thankyou very much for your valuable time.

Answer: Ridiculous, sorry to be forward. Sex and sexuality are such basic human functions that thought, socitey or influnce have very lttle to do with its formation. Mannerisms and sexulity also have very little to do with each other. Serving in the military , I knew gay guys that were more masc. and played better football than any hetero. Children and people in America(YES, America, because no were else in the worls are gays soo fem.) are placed in boxes and lables so others can understand them. They grew into these molds and often their sexuality becomes their personality. This is what is seen as the norm., because it's so obvious to locate,because they are different and standout. To answer your question though, it is IMPOSSIBLE for a person to change their sexuality. it is very possible to lie and pretend, have children etc., but we all know how the story ends. Daddy has a bf, and mom is asking for a divorce. Nature loves variation, but for some reason our society hates it. P.S.- I hope that one of those damn fools that think you can pray away gay, or therapy it away reads this and gets a clue:)

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