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Ganser Syndrome

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Question: What's that mental disease caused by severe trauma that causes people to cover up their fear with humor? I once thought it was the Ganser Syndrome, but I did some research and found it to be something else. No, the condition I'm talking about manifests symptoms like laughing at inappropriate times [for example: during war, when someone's head is blown off in front of you]. I'm not too sure if the condition I'm looking for falls under general psychosis, but then again that's why I'm asking this question.

Answer: It is Gallow's Humor. It is a coping mechanism. It does not always occur with a head trauma. It is however very common in the medical profession, and Law Enforcement. These people see gruesome horrible things almost every day. Some more than others. Most in our profession adopt the mantra that it is better to laugh now and cry later. I had to tend to a deceased patient at one time. The gentleman was a man that I had grown up thinking of him as a father figure, a very good friend of my family. I had to laugh, because as a medical professional, I could not do my job appropriately if I were upset and crying. However, in private, I let loose. by private, i mean outside of work. This type of behavior is NOT typical of bi-polar. Not sure where that comment originates, but it is very inaccurate.

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