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Question: Depression>?? for a few years i have felt very down about 80 percent of the time even though my life isnt that bad im 22 i just am sad all the time for no reason i have a hard time sleeping, nightmares, cant hold my head up in public, when i do lay down i have a hard time wanting to get out of bed, daily thoughts of death (not that i have seriously considered this) Would you consider this severe depression? how can i start to snap out of this? what do i do?

Answer: i hear you. ive been suffering with moderate-severe depression since i was 11 or 12. im 17 now, and still depressed as ever. i have come to find out that therapy simply just doesn't work for me. i can NOT talk to people i do not know, all the therapists i've had are pretty much quacks. i take lexapro and wellbutrin to keep me sane. most days i'm okay, but others im in tears basically all day. my mother always asks me whats wrong, even if i am content because sometimes i show no emotion. when im on the phone i sound either depressed or like a man (its funny actually lol). depression isn't somethign you SNAP out of. just go to your doctor and talk to them about it. find a therapist you actually LIKE and is easy to talk to. one who actually listens to you. good luck battling your depression, eventually it will pass, you will be happy again :) // p.s. i normally think about death. if i'm alone i start to think about death and the life after, what would happen if i were to die, who would care, how life would change, or if it even would. if i were to die, what would happen with me... etc etc. its not a fun thing but i can't help it. if you need someone to talk to i'm here. depression SUCKS but its nice to talk to someone else who has it.

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