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Late Onset Depression

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Question: Really late onset for post partum depression? My daughter just turned one. I am expecting our second baby in June. I've been feeling "out of it" and just mentally fuzzy since about December (got pregnant in Sept). I used to have bipolar symptoms about 3 years ago, I was on meds, didn't need them anymore and have been fine since. I am going to the doc, but I want to know what you think. Could it be post partum depression? Even though I don't feel "depressed?" Or could it be that the pregnancy knocked my brain chemicals out of sync? Or could it be the bipolar stuff resurfacing? I feel like I can't keep up with house work and I think I should be able to seeing that I only have one kid. And when I sit down to rest (pregnancy makes me really tired), I feel guilty. And I get very angry sometimes. I don't take it out on my daughter or anything, but I hate the way the anger makes me feel. What does this sound like to you? Help please. Thanks.

Answer: Honey you can have PND any time up to 18 months after delivery, You need to rest and do some fun things for yourself. It does get easier, but you must try to relax the anger so baby doesn't end up with anger issues. I know how you feel, just rest as much as possible

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