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Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

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Question: Why do people with post-traumatic stress disorder have a hard time in relationships? If you have Ptsd and have a hard time in relationships tell me what you have done to help solve this problem. Please only answer if you are a Psychologist or a someone that has gone threw post-traumatic stress disorder.

Answer: Probably because of mood changes. A lot of people don't want to be patient enough to tolerate ups and downs of someone that has PTSD. Many with PTSD have depression, they can also be happy but at times they get very down and many withdraw. It's hard to feel close to someone who withdraws emotionally or "shuts down". The best thing to do it to find someone who is understanding of this and who also understands that when you do have those low moments or moments of withdrawal, it's not permanent, your mood will go back up. They just have to give you your space during those moments. I think it's also very important for ones with PTSD to get help through therapy. That can help stabilize moods. The therapist can work with you to be able to avoid shutting down. When a person shuts down, it makes the other person in the relationship feel helpless and many people can't stand feeling helpless so they get angry or irritated and then lash out at the person who is already suffering because of something horrible that happened to them in the past. It's sad. But there are people out there who understand!

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